Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Meals

So our weekly routine or ritual is to "eat out" after church on Sundays. Since the economy has gotten worse and money isn't as GREAT..we have tried to curtail our spending habits (well, mostly MY habits).

In an effort to save money on our weekly enjoyment, we visited China Bear restaurant in Houston...this is the one off of I-45..the place is HUGE..doesn't even look like a restaurant. First of all let me say that I HATE buffets..especially Chinese buffets..Seems like they put the junky chinese food out there and the dark meat for chicken. EWWWWW!!!!

So as we are walking to the entrance I notice a difference from where we usually go...the people...I can't believe that I just realized that I live in a kind of bubble as opposed to the rest of the Houston area or Houston. The Woodlands is a Bubble...just a different kind of people or something..hard to explain. WE WERE the MINORITY there that's for sure!

There's a big fish pond when you go to the door with a bridge over is kinda stinky and WAY over Populated with FISH!! I didn't like this..the kids did..Also when you walk into the restaurant, there are bunches of tables full of plants for sale, like Bonsai's..and even chinese dresses for sale..OKKKK!!!????

The food was BETTER than I expected. THERE was actually WHITE meat for most of the Chicken dishes..lots of FRIED chicken...just in different ways. The wonton soup was good. THE best part though was the Cheesecake :)

One thing that often just baffles me is that I see people piling their plates with crawfish and crabs. LOL!! and that's you go to a chinese restaurant to eat boiled seafood? To me, that's just NASTY!

WE sat in a booth..should have sat at a wasn't very clean..the wall and cracks next the booth were DIRTY...OF course I didn't say anything because I think Scott would have gotten all aggravated saying that it wasn't good enough for me or's just I don't like DIRTY places..I mean imagine that kids have probably just touched the walls with their greasy hands and chinese sauce has splashed all over it and it is just NEVER cleaned. NO way that they clean it..AT least clean the cracks of the seats...It was difficult for me to sit there and to have my purse sitting there also. BUT the BEST part had to be when I picked up my purse to leave...there was a small bug crawling under it or around it...whatever. WTF???!!! I killed it with my napkin and left. I think it was some sort of Weavil? I DESERVE a Medal for keeping my mouth shut today.

NO I don't have any pictures of the place..I got enough stares so I figured taking my phone out to snap pictures would just be too unbearable.

If you ever VISIT Houston, DON'T eat at China Bear..or IF you do, get a table and don't forget to eat the Cheesecake :)

Total Bill charge was somewhere around 43 bucks for a family of 4~~too expensive..I would have left the bug as their tip, but since I didn't say stayed.

FORTUNE: Next time, eat somewhere else.